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I am an applied microeconomist


"Misfortune and Mistake: The Financial Conditions and Decision-Making Ability of High-Cost Loan Borrowers." Forthcoming in the Journal of Political Economy (with Arna Olafsson and Dan Silverman).

"Complexity and Sophistication."  Forthcoming in the Journal of Political Economy Micro (with Dan Silverman).

"Distributional Effects of Education on Health." Forthcoming in the Journal of Human Resources (with Silvia H. Barcellos and Patrick Turley).

"Education, Decision-Making, and Economic Rationality." 2019. The Review of Economics and Statistics 101(3) (with James Banks and Francisco Perez-Arce).

"Education can Reduce Health Differences Related to Genetic Risk of Obesity." 2018. The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115(42) (with Silvia H. Barcellos and Patrick Turley).

"Poverty and Economic Decision-Making: Evidence from Changes in Financial Resources at Payday." 2016. American Economic Review 106(2) (with Stephan Meier and Stephanie W. Wang).


“The Effect of Saving on Risk Attitudes and Intertemporal Choices.” 2016. Journal of Development Economics 120 (with Silvia Prina and Justin Sydnor).


“Living on the Edge: Youth Entry, Career and Exit in Drug-Selling Gangs.” 2016. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 121 (with Rodrigo R. Soares).


“Financial Education Interventions Targeting Immigrants and Children of Immigrants: Results from a Randomized Control Trial.” 2016. Journal of Consumer Affairs 50(2) (with Silvia H. Barcellos, James P. Smith, and Joanne Yoong).


“Child Gender and Parental Investments in India: Are Boys and Girls Treated Differently?” 2014. American Economic Journal: Applied Economics 6(1) (with Silvia H. Barcellos and Adriana Lleras-Muney).


“Childhood Circumstances and the Intergenerational Transmission of Socioeconomic Status.” 2012. Demography 49(3).


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